About Me

I am a Christian, a free spirit, and a grandmother to anyone who needs
one. I have a huge heart for teens and young adults. I pray my stories
inspire young people to get to know the Lord by getting to know what
He has promised, and that He delivers.

My background includes a lifetime as a professional photographer,
a catastrophic insurance adjuster (hurricanes!), teaching ESL in Ft Lauderdale,
and volunteering as an English language teacher in Spain, Italy, and Costa Rica.

I was rescued by the Lord many times as I traveled solo, across the USA, Europe and in Central America. What else? My dog, Lexie, sits at my feet as I write these stories. She keeps me sane, walks me three times a day and corrects my grammar.
That’s about it! I hope you enjoy reading my 'Faith in Action Series' and hanging out with Luke, Sara, Danny, Pedro, Jose, and their friends as much as I do ... they reside fulltime in my head as I continue this series.